• 19 Sep 2014
  • music
  • Pedro Branco CT

I was still in college when Pandora was released. A couple of months later access was restricted in Portugal so I shifted to until they released their premium service. Meanwhile a new service called iLike was launched. In order to be free to users and avoid music rights most of iLike music was obtain via Youtube videos. It did not last long being acquired by Myspace in 2009. Still the idea stayed in my head until 2013 : “Give people music via youtube videos”.

Time to make it happen

Lately I was using Musicovery to listen to music. The service is free and good but the music offer is very limited. I also love to watch VH1. Don’t know why but there is something about videoclips. So I decided to create my own music-videoclip service. I set a budget of 30€ and 30 work hours. With this in mind I search for the best resources and came up with this recipe:

  1. Get the artist and track from the user
  2. with the user input get a cool playlist from
  3. Get the youtube videoclips for each playlist item
  4. Display everything on a cool and responsive layout

The budget was met and the final result can be seen here. The work is still in progress with this features being added soon:

  1. Create Desktop application
  2. Create mobile apps
  3. Get user social metrics to offer personalized playlists (will be implemented when YAROZE is finished)
  4. Improve service performance and layout response